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Mama Chita's Pupuseria


For my "Coding for Games" final, I created a 3D game to simulate making pupusas. I wanted to create Mama Chita's Pupuseria to share my Salvadoran heritage. I aimed to create a virtual representation of the real-life experience of cultural reproduction and the power and fun that comes with it. The game recreated my own very hands-on experience of learning how to pupusas with my grandma.


The gamplay aimed at carrying the users from step to step of pupusa-making. The first step has the user cutting vegetables and collecting them in a bowl to make curtido, a most-have topping for pupusas. In the second step, the user form the balls of masa into the pupusas. Lastly, the users are called to cook the pupusas on the griddle and flip them, as they see them cook to perfection.


I programmed multiple functions in the game in C#, including the counter that counts how many vegetables have landed in the bowl to make the curtido, as well as a timer that displays and counts how long the user has to cook their pupusas on each side.


I utilized my abilities in both the 3D and 2D space to be able to create the most visually representative and fun environment I could. I designed multiple assets for the game. The 3D elements included the vegetables, the kitchen itself, the pupusas with their cute design on each side that appear up when they are cooked. I also digitally drew the skins that go on multiple assets in the game in Procreate.